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That's a thing I'm doing!

16 years and a month!

2016-04-26 08:33:35 by Zerok

Damn my NG association could go get its driver's licesne.

If you really like music...

2014-03-23 01:50:28 by Zerok

Please send me a PM. Doesn't matter if you're an artist or just a big music nerd.

Pizza For Guys

2012-12-13 20:50:00 by Zerok

The latest of my online forays: a webcomic.

It came about when I bought the domain after a (slightly intoxicated) conversation that is similar to the one in the first strip, "Domain" (posted below). How it actually ended up transforming into a webcomic isn't really traceable. My brain does that sometimes. It's still finding itself, so to speak. I'll be interested to see where it ends up.

Feedback welcome!

[EDIT - a year+ later]

It ended up being a quite the little series. If you visit now, it's stopped on Nov 11/13, sporting a dual message of "thanks" for veterans and "thanks" for reading. In other words, I've finished with it for now, in exchange for a much bigger and more impactful project. More on said impactful project soon.


Pizza For Guys

Still on track!

2012-11-04 22:22:01 by Zerok

Almost a year ago, I wrote about how life and such was starting to align. I'm happy to report that that alignment has remained, and has started to pay dividends. What was the hint of a career a year ago is an actual career in the crazy exciting world of social media marketing, strategy and analysis. Right place and right time scenarios have seen the expansion of my firm's practice in Toronto, where we're working on some really exciting projects including a cool new business venture.

As such, they want me to work in TO. I want me to work there too, which is why I've accepted a position there. Come January 2013, I'll officially be upgrading to a Big City Boy.

And as I mentioned in my last blog post: your time here is not a waste. Not if you don't want it to be. My years of experience communicating with people on this BBS gave me 5+ years of legit social media experience. Handy when that industry is one of the hottest topics in the communications industry (and others).

Until next blog,


2011-11-26 23:58:59 by Zerok

I remember that around this time last year I was feeling seriously adrift.

I flew to the west, came back, and trudged onward in to 2011.

In twelve months I accomplished a lot. Looking back, right now... it's kind of crazy: I'm teetering on the brink of a very cool career, doing the stuff I'd only loosely fantasized I'd be maybe one day doing (basically I can play around on Facebook, Twitter and forums all day, looking for interesting scraps of conversation).

Things just sort of fell in to place with a silky smooth serendipity for which I hardly feel like I can take credit. I did work hard for it, but since I liked doing it so much the work felt more like fun. I funned hard for it? Once again the old wisdom that liking your job is the most important aspect of it rings true.

And it's funny how relevant NG BBS experience (lurking, modding) is to this job. Don't let anyone convince you that this place is a waste of time.

'Tis all for now :)

General Update!

2011-06-02 17:35:12 by Zerok

Hey NG,

Well, school is done. For good. I got two degrees and some unforgettable experiences out of those seven years, now it's time to make an impact on the world or something like that.

I've got myself a 4 week full time contract with a cool ad agency and I am liking what I'm doing quite a bit, and hope that evolves into a more permanent position. I'm also doing the P90X routine to try to get in to shape... between that and work I don't get a ton of free time so my Newgroundsing will suffer. But history tells me that this place and my soul are infinitely intertwined, and it won't be long before I cycle back into posting regularly.

The Denovo Collab thing I was working on has made it to alpha stage, and I plan to release a link once I iron out a few of the last "big" bugs in it... but that will take maybe a 7 hour period of uninterrupted time and the right concoction of motivation. Right now the conditions aren't right for it but it's definitely alive in my mind.

That is all for now!

Much love,

Project DeNovo - Central News Post

2011-01-14 22:08:11 by Zerok

This blog post will serve as hub for any content relating to Project Denovo that needs to be edited / updated on a continual basis. Things like people involved, task lists, deadlines, progress reports, could all conceivably end up in different news posts that this one will link to. The complexity of organizing stuff will of course depend on how many people get involved!

Find out more about Project Denovo by exploring this thread first:

Project Denovo Collab

And then, check out the respect forum threads for details on how you can get involved!

Project Denovo - Art Auditions
Project Denovo - Writing Concepts
Project Denovo - Audio Suggestions
Project Denovo - Programming


Some Updates:

The Alpha version of the game is alive on the Dump. Once I make some tweaks I'll link it up.


Also enjoy this video as the song was stuck in my head and I could not find the video for like an hour. And now that I did please share in my joy:

Okay, 2011.

2011-01-07 17:23:58 by Zerok

Let's see where these next 12 months take me.

Alberta bound!

2010-12-15 07:33:45 by Zerok

Today I leave for the west.

I'm going to spend about 2-3 weeks in the Edmonton, Calgary and hopefully Banff areas to decompress from these past few months. I'm taking this computer and some clothes. The two goals are to a) have some serious relaxation time and b) have some serious party time.

I'll also be starting the groundwork on a big multimedia NG collab while I'm out there, keep an eye out for it in the non-General forums in the next week or so.

Update: So it's been real fun so far, though I haven't had NEARLY as much access to the Internet as I thought I was going to have so the above collab thingie will be delayed a tad. No big deal!