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2010-11-27 19:45:28 by Zerok

Because it's currently more entertaining than trudging away at these projects.

December 10th is freedom and freedom will be nice.

Edit: I got an implied extension... so freedom is suspended for about 36 hours but I've been much less stressed.

Edit 2: FREEDOM! (as of time of the latest edit)


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2010-11-28 12:30:02

talk about leaving the indian reservation

Zerok responds:

I don't get it :(


2010-11-28 17:50:50

congrats on the new post i hope you feel good man

Zerok responds:

I'm feelin' alriiiiight


2010-12-04 00:02:33

You're posting and modding and this makes me happy or something

Zerok responds:

Or something!?


2010-12-04 12:31:50

Oh come on, that was hilarious.

Zerok responds:

Yeah my sides are still hurting from all the laughing I was doing


2010-12-04 13:39:44

Holy shit I'm waiting for December 10th as well! Mostly because that's when my girlfriend is moving with me though :)

Zerok responds:



2010-12-05 00:20:45

All done with my finals now. Suck on that. 8)

Zerok responds:

Yeaaaahhh well.

Shut up!


2010-12-05 02:42:04

I'm aiming for my master's degree come 2013.

And then I'll pursue a new life away from this website probably

Zerok responds:

What're you doing now? Also it says you're 13... you're either really ambitious, really smart, both, or not 13 :D


2010-12-05 04:38:38

Right now I'm getting my associates degree, and I meant to write 2015, not 2013.

And I had put it as 13 as a joke, I'm actually 19, going on 20.

Zerok responds:

Haha, I figured! Cool, what are you focusing on?


2010-12-05 22:34:18

Hey are you making a game with tgf2?

Zerok responds:

Yeah. Haven't started yet... but it looks like it'll be part of my official coursework now. I'll likely be attempting to manage a collab to get the required artwork for it too.


2010-12-06 18:27:38

I'm majoring in mechanical engineering, which is something I've been looking forward to since 10th grade actually

(Updated ) Zerok responds:

Beauty! We have some engineers in our classes. They're alright. ;)


2010-12-11 14:13:59

Zerok :O

Zerok responds:



2010-12-12 14:21:33

insult me

Zerok responds:

I always liked Prometheus12 better than you.


2010-12-14 18:57:59

Welcome to freedom! Enjoy your stay.

Zerok responds:

Cheers buddy! It's a nice place to be, I'll be making the most of it.


2010-12-14 19:36:23

I don't get it :(

Zerok responds:

talk about leaving the indian reservation