Alberta bound!

2010-12-15 07:33:45 by Zerok

Today I leave for the west.

I'm going to spend about 2-3 weeks in the Edmonton, Calgary and hopefully Banff areas to decompress from these past few months. I'm taking this computer and some clothes. The two goals are to a) have some serious relaxation time and b) have some serious party time.

I'll also be starting the groundwork on a big multimedia NG collab while I'm out there, keep an eye out for it in the non-General forums in the next week or so.

Update: So it's been real fun so far, though I haven't had NEARLY as much access to the Internet as I thought I was going to have so the above collab thingie will be delayed a tad. No big deal!


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2010-12-25 14:18:24

Merry Christmas!

Zerok responds:

Aw, thanks! You too :)


2011-01-02 17:19:04

Beat up Canas while you're in Calgary. Also, beware the stench of Lakeside.

Zerok responds:

I'm actually back now, missed opportunity ;)


2011-01-02 17:37:19

I love Alberta, wonderful place. Much better than Saskatchewan.

Zerok responds:

I stopped in the Regina airport for a bit on the way there. They didn't have any way to get to the gates after you deplaned so I had to go through security again. Therefore I agree with you :)


2011-01-07 16:20:55

your a bithc