2011-11-26 23:58:59 by Zerok

I remember that around this time last year I was feeling seriously adrift.

I flew to the west, came back, and trudged onward in to 2011.

In twelve months I accomplished a lot. Looking back, right now... it's kind of crazy: I'm teetering on the brink of a very cool career, doing the stuff I'd only loosely fantasized I'd be maybe one day doing (basically I can play around on Facebook, Twitter and forums all day, looking for interesting scraps of conversation).

Things just sort of fell in to place with a silky smooth serendipity for which I hardly feel like I can take credit. I did work hard for it, but since I liked doing it so much the work felt more like fun. I funned hard for it? Once again the old wisdom that liking your job is the most important aspect of it rings true.

And it's funny how relevant NG BBS experience (lurking, modding) is to this job. Don't let anyone convince you that this place is a waste of time.

'Tis all for now :)


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2011-11-27 13:09:26

What you say about the BBS linking in with your job, in what sense? I'm just a little curious as to the similarities.

Zerok responds:

A lot of what I do involves social media monitoring and analysis. Years of acclimatizing to the BBS and the ways of the Internet makes me more than just a digital native... I've quite naturally become attuned to the ecosystem of "online."

When a client wants to know what's going on out there... sending me in versus someone less versed in the ways of the Internet is like having a native guiding you through a new city versus someone the travel agency hired.


2011-11-27 13:46:20

Sounds cool, congrats!

Zerok responds:

Cheers :)


2011-11-27 14:07:50

Just a guess, are the technology related question threads on the BBS relevant to your job? The fact that there's been a second one gave me the impression that you're seriously looking for thoughtful answers and such, perhaps to analyse rather than simply out of personal curiosity, and that search for information I could easily imagine tying in with marketing.

Zerok responds:

They are. Analysis might be too cold of a word... I'm trying gauge a sense of what's resonating with the folks here since they're so tied to technology.

Building a theory for the questions I posed will help inform a strategy that we're working on developing :)


2011-12-04 16:24:43

So how's that Denovo going?


2011-12-25 01:05:39

Hey, Merry Christmas man. Glad to see things are working out for you how you want 'em to. : )


2012-02-24 05:29:30

It's taken me about a year to figure out, but I agree completely that liking your job is the most important part. Wish I had figured it out sooner, but better late than never. Luckily I have the internets at my disposal until I can get back to Canada and go back to school.


2012-09-22 00:20:47

where you been man