Pizza For Guys

2012-12-13 20:50:00 by Zerok

The latest of my online forays: a webcomic.

It came about when I bought the domain after a (slightly intoxicated) conversation that is similar to the one in the first strip, "Domain" (posted below). How it actually ended up transforming into a webcomic isn't really traceable. My brain does that sometimes. It's still finding itself, so to speak. I'll be interested to see where it ends up.

Feedback welcome!

[EDIT - a year+ later]

It ended up being a quite the little series. If you visit now, it's stopped on Nov 11/13, sporting a dual message of "thanks" for veterans and "thanks" for reading. In other words, I've finished with it for now, in exchange for a much bigger and more impactful project. More on said impactful project soon.


Pizza For Guys


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2012-12-15 19:29:28

shit yeah buddaaaaayyyyyy

Zerok responds:

I approve of this feedback.


2013-01-02 19:48:34

Looks great so far. Nice work.

Zerok responds:

Hey, thanks! It's been really fun to put together (and I learned a lot about Tumblr and CSS in the process). There's more comics in the queue than are posted so, uh, stay tuned? :)